Thursday, 20 August 2015

Let's Play Dress-Up - Sakura Style!

So here I am, doing a bit of sewing and thinking about costuming for upcoming Sakura performances, and I've been dragged into that sew-to-the-end-of -this-thread-then-you-can-reward-yourself  thing. And today I'm rewarding myself by flicking through lots of old photos depicting Sakura in different costumes through the ages! 

Now, much as we appreciate the 'traditional tribal' look it has to be said that for various reasons we don't sport it every time we perform, for a variety of reasons. But hey, we CAN do it from time to time, and you'll get the evidence later! For a lot of performances we do prefer to be a little less -well, encumbered. And we have a few signature items that crop up regularly as part of our 'Sakura Look'. 

1. Sakura Skirts!

I can't remember where the idea for these sprouted from, but suffice it to say they are our very own designs, lovingly brought to life for us by our friend Kate, and are quite definitively 'us'! As with most of our costumes they are similarly themed but not identical - we are our own people with our own tastes and body shapes so that makes sense! We had lots of fun fabric shopping for these several years ago, as I recall, and they're still pretty unique one-of-a-kind, which is why they keep coming out to play! We usually wear them with tribal pants for a slightly funky look ...

2. Coat-Dresses

Now these again are our own creations! Supremely comfortable they work over 25 yard skirts or tribal pants, so are pretty versatile!

Again they are personalised with various splits and sari ribbon (Ye gods, did that take ages to sew on!)

3. Rock Chick Rips

This kind of look comes out when we're dancing to non-traditional stuff - usually rock/metal (cos that's how we roll!). And yes - it involves a certain amount of raiding of our 'everyday' wardrobes! 

4. Seriously Old School

Whilst not a look we would normally go for, we really did enjoy going the whole hog and donning turbans, tassels and tribal bras for the Manchester Day Parade earlier this year. It's certainly a look that draws the eye and commands attention - but not, does it feel good to take it all off and get into your pjs afterwards! I felt like I still had that turban on several days later! 

5. Simply Tribal 

I'm not sure about the 'simply' bit but at least we weren't in the turbans. Although maybe three 25 yard skirts made up for that! This is indeed a beautiful look ... And we love to wear it sometimes - just not all the time! 

I've been quite disciplined here as I could have posted LOADS more photos, but they'd all really have been variations on a theme! Suffice it to say we love to dress up - and to think about how our costumes fit the music, performance and our personalities. Yes, comfort comes into it too - we like to relax and chill after dancing without having to do a complete change. We also like to wear stuff that's a little different - and is very 'us'- hence why we came up with our Sakura Skirts and coat-dresses. Having said all that, we do both adore that traditional tribal look too - it's so distinctive and is just gorgeous! 

Better get back to sewing now - time and costuming wait for no one! 

Until next time, happy dancing! 

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