Tuesday, 27 October 2015

If Music Be The Food Of Love ...

Music has been on our minds a fair bit recently .... There's been the whole Beyoncé/Enta Omri debate of course, and then we've come across a couple of instances of people dancing to tracks that, for one reason or another, have made us cringe .....

Now then, first and foremost, we aren't the Bellydance Police. Yes, Egyptian style bellydance done beautifully to a traditional track is simply gorgeous. But equally we don't have issues with dance done to other types of music - pop, rock, goth, metal - whatever. Where we DO have issues is when there's something in that music that is a bit - well - dodgy. You want to listen to tracks with lots of f-ing going on? Fine. Heck I sing along to them all the time in my car. I just don't think they are appropriate or desirable for most performances. Songs with innuendo in the lyrics? (And let's not beat about the bush here. It's pretty darned obvious so don't kid yourselves). Drill to them all you want in private. But publicly? No. Just no. It's really not cool or clever or funky. It's just yuk. 

So - what do we like to dance to? Increasingly it's the kind of music that we both actually like to listen to. If we come on the dance floor in rock t shirts and studded belts they have come from our regular wardrobes. We really aren't into pretending to be something we're not. We aren't Goths for example - and would never bill our dance as 'Gothic' (though that doesn't mean we don't appreciate it when it's done well by dancers who really do 'get' the whole Goth lifestyle and aesthetic). We wouldn't term our dance as 'Metal' bellydance, even though we do sometimes perform to metal tracks (cos it's our sort of music!!). We are just us, dancing how we want, to music we love. But yes, trying to be respectful when doing it. 

And a part of that is the realisation that just because we love it doesn't mean it's ok to perform to it. 


Until next time - happy dancing! 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Flying Solo!

Last Sunday was a very special day for me. My beautiful WildHearts - my class performance group - were taking the plunge and performing Gypsy Caravan improv - without us Sakura girls up there with them to support and bail them out if necessary! 

They were oh so nervous, naturally. Strangely though, I was not. I couldn't wait for them to hit the dance floor - to spread their wings and fly! We had drilled all the moves until they were coming out of our ears, played the music until it drove us to distraction, improvised in duets, triplets, large groups. Everything was as ready as it possibly could be - given they were improvising - and I just knew they could do it! I was so excited for them! 

And so the moment came. They stepped onto the dance floor, the music started, the eyes lit up, the hips began to sway And they didn't just dance. Those girls took flight. 
And as they soared,so did I. 

So proud of you all, WildHearts!

Until next time, happy dancing!