Crocheted Zill Muffs

Spider web Pattern – This will fit 2 inch zills

The original pattern can be found at

I’ve translated the instructions into UK crochet terms and hook sizes as these differ considerably from American sizes and stitches.  If you need the American version, follow the link to Shira’s site.

Ball of double knitting wool – I used acrylic as it’s harder wearing and cheaper than 100% wool.  You could probably use 4ply embroidery thread.
Size 3mm crochet hook
Shirring elastic in toning colour

Stitch Summary
Starting off – Make a loop in one end of the wool and put the crochet hook in it and pull tight.
Chain (ch) – Put the hook under then over the yarn and pull through the loop. Repeat as necessary.
Double Crochet (dc) – Put the hook through from front to back and wrap the yarn over the hook.  Pull the hook back and wrap yarn over again, draw the hook through the bottom 2 loops until you have 1 loop left on the hook.
Treble Crochet (tr) – Wrap the wool around the hook. Put the hook through from front to back and wrap the yarn again. Pull the hook back and draw through the first 2 loops. Wrap the yarn over the hook again and pull through 2 loops. You should be left with one loop on the hook.
Half Treble Crochet (htr) - Start off like treble crochet. When you pull the hook back draw it through all 3 loops.
Slip Stitch (ss) – Put the hook through 2 stitches, wrap the yarn round and draw through both stitches so you have 1 loop on the hook.

Round 1  Chain 6 and slip stitch to first chain to form a ring.
Round 2   Chain 3. (Treble crochet into the ring) Repeat ( ) 11 times. Join with a slip stitch to the 3rd stitch of the opening chain.
Round 3   Chain 5.  (Treble in next treble, chain 2) Repeat  (  ) 11 times.  Slip stitch to 3rd stitch in opening chain.
Round 4   Chain 1. (Double crochet 3 times in chain 2 space, double crochet in next treble.) Repeat  (   ) 12 times. Slip stitch to join.
Round 5    Chain 3. (Skip 1 double crochet, half treble crochet in next double, chain 1.)Repeat ( ) 11  
 times and join with a slip stitch.
Fasten off and tidy ends. Thread a double piece of shirring elastic through the htrs. Place cover over your zills and pull elastic to required fit. Knot elastic to hold.

Happy Zilling

Pattern converted by Jo Taylor

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