Sunday, 20 August 2017

Catching Up!!

And we do - every week, over coffee and cake!

Yes, you may not have seen us strutting our stuff at any haflas lately but that's only because there's been so much going on in both our lives. Yes, Sakura are still out there, meeting up in a variety of coffee shops and pubs, and yes, we do have plans - though they are on hold for a few months for a very special reason .....

that reason being ....


Yes, Cayte is very proud andhonoured to have been invited to direct the first regional Caravan Project over here (after the national Caravan Project UK, of which she is a member). The s is just soooo exciting - a chance to gather together like-minded, committed dancers with a real dedication and knowledge of the Gypsy Caravan format to dance together, connect through improvisation and share this with the wider community. Some dancers will come from Cayte's regular classes, others may have studied the style before and may come along to her monthly workshops but all will have in common a commitment to becoming the best GCTB dancer that they can be and of course a love of this beautiful style!

So without further ado here they are - the first members of CP Lancashire - Audrey, Laura, Cayte, Jan and Sue!

We will be making our performance debut soon so look out for us!

In the meantime you can come and dance with us at Cayte's regular monthly workshops! These include both technique and improvisation so you can really get to grips with GCTB! No matter what your level of experience there is something in these for everyone, even if you already come to weekly classes. It really is a great way to commit to and work on your dance - and like our CP Lancashire girls to work towards becoming the best dancer you can be.  Our next one is in a couple of weeks time :

We really do hope to see you there!

So - with all of these rehearsals and workshops to concentrate on we've taken the decision to rest Sakura just for a little while longer! You will however see us both dancing with CP Lancashire!

See you soon and until then - Happy Dancing!